Numerology- Astounding Correlations To The Universe

Whether numbers have been invented or do they exist for real? This question has been burning in the minds of a lot of people for decades. But, if we take a moment to relax and observe, isn’t the whole universe based on numbers? Isn’t the whole universe a phenomenal system working with numbers at its core?


If we look, everything looks based on very systematic mathematical laws. From the time earth takes to revolve around the sun to the numbers of electrons in an oxygen atom, everything is a number’s game. Numbers affect our lives way beyond our imagination.

From the time and date of our birth to the occurrence of different events at different times, our lives are hugely influenced by numbers. So, if we can deconstruct the numbers that influence our lives, don’t you think we can take charge of our lives to a greater extent. We can understand our lives better, the reason behind certain aspects of our lives and how to deal with them. Understanding the numbers behind our lives can make it much easier to go through the events of life.

“Synchronicity happens when you align with the flow of universe, rather than insisting the universe flow your way.”

What is Numerology?

The whole science of deconstruction and understanding the numbers in our lives and universe is known as numerology. Those who are familiar with astrology might know about numerology a bit. They both work in a similar ways, except their different principles at core. Numerology is an ancient science. Its origins are even found in Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations.

Numerology believes that if we deconstruct the whole universe, we will be left with some basic elements, that are nothing but numbers. If we could understand those numbers, we can understand the working of the universe and our lives as an individual with much more clarity. And understanding is the key to improvement.

Lately, science has also started believing the influence of numbers in our lives. Just to give you an example, there is a ratio called the golden ratio. This ratio has an uncanny resemblance to many natural elements. The larger galaxies are shaped in this ratio, the hurricanes are shaped in this ratio, even the beautiful faces resemble this ratio. It is even used by photographers for capturing beautiful imaginaries. Designers use this ratio to design beautiful structures too.

Number 108?

Another important number of creation is 108. It holds great prominence In Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Yogic Culture as well. Actually, it’s the number of existence. The distance between the earth and sun is approximately 108 times the diameter of the sun. The difference between earth and moon too is approximately 108 times the diameter of the moon. This perfect ratio is the reason that life has only flourished on earth, not on any other planet. The prominence of this number could be found in Ayurveda, martial arts, and some ancient civilizations as well.

So, by now, it must be clear that we need to understand numbers in order to understand our lives better. Connecting a series of numbers to our name and date of birth, numerology can give us invaluable insights into our personality. We can know about yourself from an objective point of view. These readings can be used to ignite great sparks in our life and unlock hidden opportunities.

“Numerology is the bridge between who you are now, and who you have the potential to be.”

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