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What is an Energy Healer?

Throughout all of recorded history there are references to individuals with the desire and ability to assist peoples healing with their hands. The bible for example has several stories of such events. In recent times there are healers such as Dean Kraft who now resides in New York and has published several books about the amazing events he has witnessed. Many of the healings were confirmed by medical doctors. A movie about Dean Kraft’s amazing story was shown on US television. Another such healer is Alex Hermosillo in Tempe, Arizona who shares examples of people recovering from heart disease and tumors going away. In his recent book published in 2011 Alex tells of some of the healings he has assisted with. For more these kinds of spiritual articles visit

How Energy Healing Works?

An energy healer is usually an empathic person who is sensitive to the feelings and energy of others. It is believed that they allow themselves to channel the creative force of the universe and direct it to another individual. This process will raise the level of an individual’s energy in subtle ways that may be noticeable by the person involved.

This type of healing can facilitate your growth, not only to relation to whatever problem you have and strengthen body, mind, and spirit.

The problems helped range from mental or physical such as a disease, virus, or bacteria or it can be depression, anxiety, stress, and tension. A spiritual healer facilitates the process of healing.

They can remove the blocks that are stopping the growing process. The growing process can be essential if you’re to rise out of your present state of mind, body, and spirit to a higher emotional state to improve your life.

Not just your life but others who interact with you on a daily bases. They can improve their lives in the same way without any spiritual healer interaction. When you improve your life it works as a domino effect. What affects you is passed on to others without them even know it. This also can work in reverse so it is important to be aware of the people, situations and events that you come into contact with since a negative situation may reduce your energy level.

Own techniques

Each spiritual healer will likely use their own technique. Not all of them are the same and they all work to remove energy blocks that cause the problems in your life, whether they are physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional. They can bring you out of the darkness with their energy healing and help balance out your life.

You do not have to believe in spiritual healing for it to work. There have been studies in the medical and scientific communities which have confirmed the energy field around the body does exist.

There are spiritual healer and energy healer who know how to work with this energy field to guide you into a better life, mentally, and physically. They use a combination of energy work and spiritual work to bring your body back into balance, whether it comes from dis-ease or mental state. Using a spiritual healer will often help you to find balance in your life and share it with others.

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